Caribbeancompr 011219_004 Mizuna Rei monthly publication
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Caribbeancompr 011219_004 Mizuna Rei monthly publication

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Mizuru Lei with small face and excellent proportion makes us excitement in various situations! The man who was in the husband 's synchronized came who came to the new building' s new celebration was actually a regular customer of a shop that used to work. A disgusting man who cries up to the secret of the past in the gap where her husband removed his seat. I'm determined to sell myself instead of a speech "Rei" ... for an important husband. I start a sex full of love with my husband who came back to where the body was hit by a faintly lime, but my colleagues in my husband are looking at me .... Besides this, I begging for the eroticism with exotic makeup, appealing to wait, scooping up, scooping up with handsome, captivating a man with intense kiss, etc. Misuzenaki's small demonic attractiveness packed here Works are a must-see

小顔でプロポーションが抜群のみづなれいがいろんなシチュエーションで我々をドキドキさせてくれます! 新居の新築祝いにやって来た来た夫の同期の男が実は、かつて働いていた風俗店の常連客だったのです。夫が席を外した隙に過去の秘密をネタに言い寄ってくる嫌な男。口止めの代わりに身を売る決意をする「れい」…大切な夫のために。リモちゃでいたぶられて身体が火照りまくったところに戻って来た夫と愛に満ちたセックスを始めるのですが、普段より興奮していたのは夫の同僚に覗かれているから…。その他にもエキゾチックなメイクアップで妖艶にエッチを懇願して、腰を振りまくってイキまくったり、手コキしながら激しいキスで男を虜にするなどみづなれいの小悪魔的な魅力満載のこちらの作品は必見です。

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