Gachinco gachi1162 Gatty daughter KURADASHI 17 others Wakako, Lisa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Gachinco gachi1162 Gatty daughter KURADASHI 17 others Wakako, Lisa


The third re-distribution of the delivered work is the "KURADASHI 17" of "Wakakan" who is an active student and a family tutor and a pretty girl who works at a confectionery shop, "Lisa-chan" GRM Journalism 4 ". First of all, "Wakako Chan". She is rarely a woman but she is receiving a coincidence of a man of age but she is in fact sexually active and she seems to be conscious of her student. Her stupidity that she can not show on her student and her parents, this is her true figure. "Punishment daughter!" Has been punished tightly. It is a must see also raw talk. By the way, the image collection will be first public. And "Lisa - chan". Appearance at "Gachinko · Road · Movie" While struggling to find a female, she finally found a slender family in Nagoya. Nurruro no Nurunuru, exactly Nagoya specialty Miso Macho. Finish with a vaginal cowhide sauce. Even cute girls are excited, but if they are ordinary pretty rural provinces, the excitement will be more than triple.

配信終了作品の再配信第3弾は、現役の学生でかつ家庭教師をやっているという”わかこチャン”の「KURADASHI17」と菓子屋さんで働くという可憐な女の子、”リサちゃん”の「GRM 旅情編4」の二本立て。まずは”わかこチャン”。今時珍しく女性でありながら年頃の男のコを受けもっている彼女は実は性欲旺盛で教え子のことも意識している様子。教え子やその親には絶対見せられない彼女の痴態、これが彼女の真の姿です。「ガチん娘!」がきっちりとお仕置きしておきました。生々しいトークも必見です。ちなみに画像集は初公開となります。そして、”リサちゃん”。「ガチンコ・ロード・ムービー」での出演女性探しで悪戦苦闘する中、名古屋でついに見つけたスレンダー系おマ〇コちゃん。とろとろのヌルヌル、まさに名古屋名物味噌マ〇コ。最後は中出しホワイトソースでフィニッシュ。可愛い子ってだけでも興奮しますが、地方の普通の可愛い子だと興奮は三倍以上になりますね。