HEYZO 1464 Mika Kirishima If yach it is this stuff I tempted an indecisive man
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

HEYZO 1464 Mika Kirishima If yach it is this stuff I tempted an indecisive man


"Mika Kirishima" who proactively sets colors to confess to indecisive Takashi-kun. I was able to pretend to be drunk and succeed in getting up to Takashi's room. Mika who takes off his clothes as she enters the room. Dull Takashi also seemed to have swallowed the situation in the drifting stone, Betto riding the invitation of Mika! It began with the feeling that it is an original love love show that the first two people can see, but the switch gradually comes in. Takashi who uses an adult toy with his first echinari. Mika chan whispers and gives a voice yogari. Mika who got so busy is Takashi's boyfriend. I'm pretty sure to show off Feratek and I will give you a pleasant pole and ball as well. Takashi will not be able to stop it anymore, I cooperate with Gatsuri and blow my sperm into Daiba in Mika! It seems that the compatibility of the body was also good, and it was decided that the two were going out with a dinner, Happy Happy New Year! !