Tokyo-Hot n0733 Ayumi Iwasa Abnormal Slave
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Tokyo-Hot n0733 Ayumi Iwasa Abnormal Slave


Odori is modest and elegant. However, the sensitive constitution of the body is stingy. Lady system beauty · Iwasa Ayumi. What happens when a nice smiley woman always touches her poison with her calm clothes of honor. Gaman juice comes out just by delusion. Surrounded by the funny guys, experienced little pussy was penetrated and the smile disappeared. Naturally it was the first time that many cocks were stabbed into the vagina in a short time. Transfigured into a transformation slave who is completely lost and pleased with pure purity. One female is exposed his nature and life is over. I restarted as a cock processingist. Iwasa made a request for the great boss of the station and earned the work of the weather caster. But a cowardly means of getting their hands turned from the back instead of a legitimate way. The trade is provided by the body. Disillusioned with a way that is contrary to pure and serious appearance. After all it is a woman who is a kudzu. She is finger-maniaced by four crawlers and is screamed at the same time stimulated by a rotor that persists in crisp. Clamsy man juice starts in the vaginal opening. It gets caught. Continue to say that you are licking your great nipple. And pikuri for the cock. Anal is also very licking. This is annoying. And a cock is inserted at the woman on top posture. It is fairly easy to feel that pussy is a soup of milk and it is baked choju. Shaking his hips violently from himself and fainting. It is raspyed repeatedly at the succeeding normal position and it is vaginal cum shot. Immediately after cleaning the blowjob. Cudacupa carefully crawls of clown. It seems that semen seems to like it quite well. Iwao who was selected to be a weather caster on sunny later read the manuscript before the actual production. However many times I can not do it well. Immediately afterwards, I was informed that I was not employed as a weather caster but as a staff member's sex drive treasurer. To be saddened to be able to make a blowjob quickly immediately. Blow jobs and handjobs alternating between two. After the W Feller, they are forced to fire in the mouth one after another and a total of eight semen are poured. Iwasa scrapes 3 flocks ejaculated on the chair in parallel and sucks in with Turutul! It smells all of the rich semen sexily and it is Gokkin! This guy is a true pervert. The staff are very happy. But Iwasa 's job is not only for this but also physical enthusiasm for the great people of the business partner.

おっとりおしとやかで上品。でもスケベな身体の敏感体質。お嬢様系美女・岩佐あゆみです。優等生風の落ち着いた服装でいつもニコニコと笑顔の女が毒牙にかかるとどうなるか。妄想しただけでガマン汁が出てしまいます。キモい男達に囲まれて経験少なめなマンコを貫通され笑顔は消失。短時間に数多くのチンポを膣内に刺し込まれたのは当然初めて。清純さもすっかり喪失し喜んでザーメンをそそる変態奴隷に変貌。一匹のメスが本性を露わにされ人生終了。チンポ処理係として再スタートしました。  岩佐は局のお偉いさんに頼み込みお天気キャスターの仕事を獲得。しかし正当な方法ではなく裏から手を回してもらうという卑怯な手段。見返りは肉体提供だ。清純で真面目そうな外見とは裏腹なやり方に幻滅。所詮はクズ女か。四つん這いで指マンされ同時にクリをしつこくローターで刺激され絶叫。膣口に白濁マン汁がじわり。イッてしまう。  続いて言われるままお偉いさんの乳首をペロペロ。そしてチンポをパクリ。アナルもベロベロ。これはいやらしい。そして騎乗位でチンポを挿入される。相当に感じ易くマンコはマン汁でグジュグジュ。自分から腰を激しく振って悶絶。続く正常位で何度も掻き回され生中出しされる。直後お掃除フェラ。ドロドロチンポを丁寧にチュパチュパ。ザーメンが相当に好きな様子だ。後日晴れてお天気キャスターに大抜擢された岩佐は早速本番前の原稿読み合わせ。しかし何回やっても上手く出来ない。  直後自分がお天気キャスターとしてではなく、スタッフ達の性欲処理係として採用された事を知らされる。呆然とするも直ぐに仁王立ちフェラをさせられるハメに。2本を交互にフェラ&手コキ。Wフェラの後次々と口内発射を強行され合計8発のザーメンを注ぎ込まれる。岩佐は並行して椅子の上に射精された3発分を掻き集めチュルチュルと吸い込み!臭くて濃厚なザーメンを全部ゴックン!こいつは真性の変態だ。スタッフ達は大満足。しかし岩佐の仕事はこれだけではなく取引先の偉い人達の肉体接待も任される。