[TokyoHot n1198] Aesthetic Store Secret Special Service
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

[TokyoHot n1198] Aesthetic Store Secret Special Service

Sana Shirai is a slender girl who has got very sensitive body. Ayaka Nakai is a Masochistic woman who is easy to cum. They are mind and body collapse by hard core play with devils at this time. They have to play as real lesbian. Also they have to accepted lots of vaginal cum shoot. Finally Nakai received semen which has come out from Shirai’s pussy.
Nakai and Shirai are working with esthetic salon. They are senior and junior at the shop. Nakai always worry about Shirai. One day Nakai training Shirai for massage technique. Nakai start to touch Shirai’s body with some advice. Nakai is a lesbian.
She lick Shirai’s ear and nipples. Also kissing her as well. While Nakai lick her pussy, manager has come into the room and found what they doing. Manager has call some of customer to join.
They have to show lesbian play at front of customer. They play with rotor and electric massage machine together. Also customer join them and fuck and lick her pussy. Nakai and Shirai also lick and blow job guys cock and nipples. One of customer insert his cock to Shirai’s pussy by missionary posture.
Nakai also accept guys cock by doggy style. He takes her as double cow girl position with hard stroking. He insert his cock to Nakai’s anal and Shirai lick his ass.
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